Marvin Arias

Born and raised in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, Marvin Louie de Castro Arias and coming from an immigrant Filipino family, I learned early on about the joy of music, mostly as a listener. My mother sang and played simple tunes to me as a child whenever she was in the mood and my father always enjoyed listening to all kinds of music in the house.  He never thought about picking up an instrument until his late teens when his local Praise and Worship group called BLD needed a guitarist.  He has been playing ever since. 

Aside from a few chords his mother taught him, Marvin taught himself guitar, piano, drums, and bass. He was fascinated with music and the spiritual nature of it. After an audition at his community college he was ecstatic to pursue an education in music. Since he couldn't read music, Marvin was advised to try out jazz because of how well he  could  improvise during his audition. Dreams of a life as a musician romantically filled his soul. He met very important teachers and mentors; one in particular named Alvin Trask offered him a spot in his band, the Alvin Trask Crewtet. 

efore graduating from Montgomery College with a associates in Jazz Guitar, he decided he  want to further my studies.  Right away Marvin decided to apply to his dream school, "The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music" in New York City in internationally known conservatory that has been cultivating some of the most influential talent in the jazz world.  After walking into a room with a panel of faculty whose work he was familiar with and admired, he let the nerves get the best of him and failed his audition.  But Marvin wouldn't let that stop him.

 e worked two jobs, went to school, and practiced his butt off while finding small opportunities to play out and gig. The next time an audition he was ready.  Going to school, working in a cafe and occasionally playing gigs, Marvin experienced the good and the bad of New York City.  

ow after earning his bachelor's in Jazz Guitar Performance, he has returned to the DMV area to materialize his musical dreams.