Born in the nation's capitol, Anzi started singing at age four. She started performing for herself and her family. With a background of goofballing and psychology, this free spirit is on her way to sharing her talents with the world. Anzi is a passionate person who loves to sing and write. You can find her music everywhere from YouTube to iTunes and Amazon!

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“Anzi brings a wonderful lyrical denseness and complexity that listeners will connect to on a first listen.”
— The Band Camp Diaries
“From the moment the first notes of “On My Own” kicks in, you will notice the grace and fluidity that arises from the voice of this incredible singer-songwriter.”-TuneLoud Magazine
— Tune Loud Magazine
“Beautiful and melodic, I just loved the whole production of this song.”
— Dream Chasers Radio
“‘On My Own’ recalls the electronic retro style of the 80’s, revealing influences such as early Madonna or an innovative and modern Kylie Minogue”
— The Band Camp Diaries


 Anzi is a thriving, dedicated artist and it shows. Signed to Chrome City Records in 2015, she hit the ground running. She was featured in TuneLoud Magazine with glowing reviews on her first single. She has been a featured  guest on the Yaya Diamond show and On Air with Sir radio. Anzi is even in the top ten electro-pop DC music charts. With new singles on the way, Anzi is an artist on the rise!


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